Waveforms Design and Implementation on Real-Time Massive MIMO System

TÜBİTAK, Project No: 1160179

Mobile communications constitute an indispensable component of our daily lives. The development of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology has resulted in significant increases in spectral efficiency and data speed addressing user demands. However, the ease of use and day-to-day development of more successful communication technologies are leading to an increase in usage rate and an increase in user expectations. This demand is further triggered of the increase of applications like Internet of Things. To meet and develop future expectations the search for new technologies is a must. Although traditional Cyclic Prefix Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (CP-OFDM), a waveform which constitutes the main component of LTE systems, is a crucial part of 5G and Beyond 5G researches to propose scheme addressing user demands, in current 5G requirements cannot seem to be satisfied with it. For this purpose, different waveform approaches after CP-OFDM have been examined. In this project, waveforms planned to be used after CP-OFDM are examined in Software Defined Radios based real-time test system by Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output technique which significantly increases data transmission rate and the performance of waveforms is investigated.

Our MIMO Testbed (4x4)




Publications under review:

  • GOZTEPE, Caner; KURT, Gunes Karabulut. The Impact of Out of Band Emissions: A Measurement based Performance Comparison of UF-OFDM and CP-OFDM. Physical Communication, 2018. (Under review)


Istanbul Technical University
Assoc. Prof. Guneş Karabulut Kurt
Caner GOZTEPE (MSc Student)