ITU Wireless Communication Research Laboratory THAL Laboratory carries out research activities on wireless communications topics, including, but not limited to, fading channels, MIMO systems, multi-carrier communication systems, OFDM, signal processing for MIMO systems, coding, cooperative communications, network coding, advanced security issues in the communication systems. There are ongoing projects involving theoretical / experimental works, as well tests and carrying out practical measurements.

Research Areas

  • Wireless Communication Systems and Networks
  • 5G and Beyond Cellular Communication Systems / Techniques
  • Index Modulation, Spatial Modulation, Media Based Modulation (MBM) (Channel Modulation)
  • NOMA, mmWave, Drone Communication
  • Physical Layer Security
  • Full-duplex Communication
  • Energy Efficient Communication, Energy Harvesting, SWIPT
  • Vehicular Communication
  • Multi-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Systems, Space-Time Coding, Massive MIMO
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Network Coding, Network Coded Coop.
  • OFDMA and Beyond Techniques, New Waveform Designs
  • Cognitive Networks
  • Channel Coding, Coded Modulation, Turbo, LDPC, Polar Codes
  • Visible Light Communications (VLC)


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